Beartown Brewery “Trap” Dry Hopped Pilsner 4.8% 440ml


Trap is the second Cub to join the new rebellious CUB range. Trained in luring the un-witting human into its hoppy snares, Trap is a pale ale with a pilsner inspired bite. Using primarily German “Bamberger Pilsner” malt, Expect a light almost lager-like mouthfeel with some carapils and wheat for head-retention and some mild sweetness. In the boil, Amarillo & Mosaic provide Orange & Stonefruit flavours whereas simcoe, more often used as a bittering hop but used here to add a finer citrus notes and an underpinning of earthy piney tones.

Light, Refreshing and full of flavour, Its very hard not to get caught in the Trap.

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This is Beartown Brewery’s “Trap” a Dry Hopped Pilsner 4.8% in a 440ml can.