Home Pub

Real Ale from the comfort of your own home!

We can supply the full setup for the perfect pint at home, perfect for special occasions, or just to appreciate a proper pint at home.

Choose a bag in box of Real Ale brewed by a local independent brewer, connect with a Vitop connector to a Real Ale Hand Pump/tap. The connectors can be purchased below, and the hand pumps can be rented for £15 a week (£50 deposit refunded when returned).

Select equipment

Choose a bag in a box

Note 9 gal (40l) Firkin Casks & (20l) Pin Casks are also available

We can also assist with pubs/restaurants who need stock, Cornelius Kegs also available.

Please email [email protected]

or call us on 01257 460535 if you need further assistance